The Company

Ayers Database Corporation (Ayers), started in 1997 out of a need to generate reports on demand. Being a CPA, CFO I would like those requesting reports to be able to generate their own, after-all they know better what they are looking for, not to mention the increased productivity.

I started with Paradox 4.5 database for DOS and moved it along to Paradox 9. It met the demands quite well, but as all good things go, we need more, so I started Ayers. I quickly found that loading software on each workstation and keeping up with issues pertaining to each was not where I wanted to go. So I moved to HTML, ASP, COM and SQL, this gave me the ability to do what I started out to accomplish and it is done via the browser, no trips to the workstations. I hired an MCSE to get the workstation, server and networking as well as user interfacing background I needed.

After a few projects, I found ASP to be cumbersome. I went to Java and found just what I was looking for. Now with a more plug-in use of components and the open-source availability, I am back on track for an accounting system. This system will work for Accountants not Accountants adapting to the program or programs in order to get their job done and the reports out.

I will be making available my components as I develop them as well as completed programs. All components will have "real" instructions on their use, as well as their appropriate "hooks". Some components will be open-source; all components and programs will have parts that are open-source.

The Mission: Ayers is a software development company. We see the future as programs running via a browser rather than loading individual programs on each machine. Although our main approach is to provide products that run via a browser, we appreciate situations that do not offer internet or intranet access, i.e. a traditional format.

We see our software as having great accessibility and ease of use. After all, our main objective is your productivity and we design to attain that. Below are some underlying points in our product development:

  • Entering data once
  • Leveraging data input as much as possible
  • Always knowing where to find the data
  • Using all resources available
  • Facilitating greater productivity
  • Making hard work pay off

Thank You; Thank you for taking the time to get to know Ayers. We have included information about our current offerings, what we are developing, and other topics of interest. We hope you come back, take part, offer comments and help us help you in getting the best product you can.

If you have any questions or comments about our web site, drop me a line.

On behalf of Ayers Database Corporation,

David B. Blacklock
President / Owner